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If your blackout shades aren’t sealed, then your room isn’t blacked out.

darkness on demand™

Lights Out! sealed window coverings are like nothing else available. They are the first window treatment that completely seals the window on all four sides — making them the first window treatment capable of totally blocking out all light. Coupling this technology with the most advanced light-blocking fabric available, a Lights Out! sealed window covering will let you sleep whatever the time of day.

Whether you work the night shift and need to sleep during the daytime, or your bedroom window is next to a really bright streetlight, or you just have trouble sleeping, a Lights Out! sealed window covering is the answer for you. They’re even up to the glare of the midnight sun, letting those in extreme northern latitudes sleep during the summer.

not just for your bedroom

Lights Out! sealed window coverings aren’t only for helping you sleep. They are perfect for home theaters, too — they let you enjoy movies at any time of the day in theater-like darkness. And they’re great for amateur film darkrooms/edit rooms. Lights Out! coverings are even being used to darken laboratories and home wine cellars.

health and safety benefits

A Lights Out! sealed window cover could help keep you healthy. The hormone Melatonin is normally only produced while sleeping in a dark environment. Since night shift workers usually have to sleep in a daylight-flooded room, the World Health Organization has declared night shift work as a “probable” cause of cancer.

A good night’s sleep has other benefits as well. When you are well-rested, you are much safer. You are less likely to make mistakes; your mind is sharper, and your reflexes quicker.

handsome looks

Unlike other alternatives — such as duct tape and black plastic, tin foil, or cardboard — Lights Out! sealed window coverings look great in any room. Available in white and ivory, they compliment your decor beautifully, so that even with the lights on, you’ll hardly notice them.

let the sun shine in

Lights Out! sealed window coverings look good when they’re up. But the best part is the fact that you can take them down and put them up again — in seconds. Over and over, whenever you want. You don’t have to settle for a bright, sun-filled room when you need to sleep; but neither do you have to settle for a dark, dank bedroom on the weekends. With a Lights Out! covering, you can have the best of both worlds.

easy set-up

Initial installation is very easy. And thereafter, it’s on and off instantly.

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