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  • What is a Lights Out! sealed window covering?

    Lights Out! sealed window coverings are custom made window coverings made to fit your windows. They are designed to make your room extremely dark for for daytime sleeping, bright street lights/neon signs, or in northern latitudes where the sun can set at midnight. They are excellent for home theaters, RVs, or anywhere there is a need to control your light environment. You will find them very easy to put up and take down as your needs and schedule dictate.

    Made of high tech light blocking fabrics, each Lights Out! window covering uses the highest quality hook and loop system with adhesive backing to create a continuous seal on all four sides, unlike blinds, shades, curtains, or even blackout shades and blackout draperies. Because they seal on all four sides, Lights Out! sealed window coverings not only have excellent light sealing qualities, but also insulate extremely well.

    How dark will it make my room?

    With your Lights Out! sealed window cover properly installed and in place, your room will be darker during the day than most bedrooms are at night. It will be so dark that navigating around your furniture will be difficult, and it will be almost impossible to see your hand before you. When normal light is again desired, it is a simple matter to take your window covering off and let the sun shine in! When we demonstrate our Lights Out! sealed window coverings during daylight hours, people freeze up, afraid they will bump into something or someone. They are always amazed at how dark the room suddenly is! Your LED clock will seem like a floodlight.

    Windows come in many, many different configurations. In general, a Wall Mount will provide total light blockage. The window frame will act as a dam and block what little light might come through the hook and loop. Frame Mount can black out light as well as a Wall Mount, but not always. Inside Mount, though sometimes the most practical installation possible, does not always provide the same quality of room darkening as the other mounts. A tiny amount of sunlight may leak around the edges. In these instances, further steps can be taken to maximize darkness.

    How well will my window cover insulate my window?

    You will find that in both summer and winter your room will be more comfortable. When you take your window cover down in very hot or cold weather you will immediately notice a considerable gain in either heat or cold. How much heat or cold is blocked will depend in part on whether your window cover is an Inside Mount next to the window glass itself or a Wall Mount on your inside wall or trim work. If you choose a Wall Mount it will allow for a larger dead air space and thus will insulate better. The insulating effectiveness is also dependent upon how well the window covering is put up with each use. With careful placement you will minimize the chance for heat or cold to seep in.

    What colors do they come in?

    Our Standard model is white on one side and ivory on the other. No big black rectangle on your wall — unlike other products, they easily compliment any decor.

    Our Premiere window coverings can be made in any combination of white or ivory. You may have white on both sides, ivory on both sides, ivory facing outside and white facing into your room, or vice versa.

    Can I still use my existing window treatment?

    Yes, absolutely! In most cases, your sealed window cover will go up and under any shades, blinds, etc. that are already in use. In some cases, shades, blinds, or curtain rods may need to be moved up or out a little bit to allow necessary clearance.

    How long will my window cover last?

    With daily use and reasonable care, your window cover should give you excellent service for ten to fifteen years.

  • questions about measuring, cost, etc.

  • How do I measure my window?

    Refer to our Measuring Guide for full instructions on how to measure your window for your Lights Out! sealed window cover.

    What if my window is an unusual size or shape?

    We can fit almost any window! Please call 307-670-8824 so that we can discuss how best to accommodate your individual needs.

    What will my Lights Out! window cover cost?

    $18.75 or $28.85 for the Standard model, and usually between $150.00 to $200.00 for the Premiere line — plus tax, shipping and handling, where applicable.

    How soon will my window cover be ready?

    Standard window covers, being our cut to fit kit, go out within three business days, often the same day. Since every Premiere window cover is carefully fabricated to your exact requirements by skilled craftsmen, it will be ready to be picked up or shipped within a week, no more than two weeks.

    How can I contact you?

    Please contact us with any further questions or concerns.

  • policies

  • Payment

    You may pay for your Lights Out! sealed window cover online by credit card, or through the mail by check or money order. Checks should be made payable to: Lights Out!

    Shipping and Delivery

    We ship Standard window covers within three business days, often the same day.

    We ship Premiere window covers within seven business days.

    Orders to be shipped within the United States will be shipped via UPS Ground. Shipments to Canada can be shipped by either UPS or the postal service.

    Email or call us regarding any shipment going outside the United States or Canada.

    Sales Tax

    We collect 6% sales tax on orders picked up locally or shipped within Wyoming.

    Returns and Cancellations

    We make every effort to help resolve any problems that may come up.

    Because Standard window covers cannot be resold once they have been cut or any of the hook and loop has been used, they can only be returned if they are still in the same condition they were sent to you. In that case a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping and handling fees will be gladly refunded to you.

    Because each Premiere window cover is custom made, it can only be returned for defects in materials or workmanship. To avoid problems, be sure to follow our Measuring Guide very carefully. Please double check your measurements to be sure they are accurate and correct before placing your order. Sometimes, for an additional fee, changes or alterations are possible. We make every effort to help resolve any problems that may come up. Cancellations can only be made before the order goes into production. Cancellations or changes, therefore, can only be made by phone. Please call 307-670-8824 for details.

    Privacy Policy

    All information you give us remains solely with us. We understand privacy issues and will never rent, trade, or sell your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number to anyone. You can be assured that all information you give us will be kept strictly confidential.


    We guarantee the quality of the materials and instructions we send for each Standard window cover. It is the customer’s responsibility to follow the instructions carefully to insure a proper fit and quality installation.

    Each Premiere Lights Out! sealed window covering has been designed and custom manufactured to your exact measurements. It is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for 60 days. Please note: while we make every effort to provide you with detailed measuring and installation instructions, accurate measurements and proper installation are the responsibility of the customer. See Measuring Guide for complete details.

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